Regal Kitchen Foods



Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility – Regal Kitchen Foods Specialty Private Limited’s ultimate goal is to make our world a well-fed, self-sufficient place where no one should go hungry. The main aim is to stand as a pillar for the communities during difficult times, thus we make sure to always contribute a bit and offer all of our support by donating food in times of any kind of crisis.

Corporate Social Responsibilities – Over the years, Regal Kitchen has actively contributed to food donation campaigns in response to disasters like the Bihar floods, Kerala floods, and Nepal earthquake. It has also made sure to provide food to as many people in Himachal Pradesh as possible during the challenging times of the Coronavirus lockdown so that no one goes hungry or sleep hungry.

We firmly believe that humanity is the ultimate form of religion. Regal Kitchen Foods Specialty Private Limited will always be dedicated to lending its support by providing nutritious and quality food to people who need it most. This will assist us in ensuring that humanity survives in difficult times.

Plantation Drive

Regal Kitchen Foods believes that the Earth is precious and that we should all do our share to conserve it. Regal Kitchen Foods organised a tree plantation drive in a nearby park to commemorate World Nature Conservation Day. Let us work together to protect the environment and achieve long-term sustainable development. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We always work hard to empower our community of workers, staff, vendors, and suppliers. Our key focus area is the eradication of global hunger. Amidst the pandemic, we have stood strong like pillars, extending our aid and help to people all across the globe. In the past, we have donated and contributed generously to the Kerala Floods, The Kathmandu Earthquake, and the Bihar floods. We believe that ‘community’ is religion. Towards this, Delhi Kitchen will continue to ensure equitable distribution of healthy and nutritious food to those in need. 

Initiative to Stop Food Wastage

Cleanliness Drive

A strong country could only be built on the shoulders of cleanliness. It is more important than ever to embrace the ideas of cleanliness, and Regal Kitchen Foods commits to keeping our surroundings clean and green by supporting the Swachh Bharat Mission.