Regal Kitchen Foods


Message From Director

“A good leader is truthful, equanimous, transparent, farsighted and has a pleasant personality. A leader has a mission, a vision, a spirit of sacrifice, compassion and commitment”

– Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

These pearls of wisdom have struck a chord in our collective conscience. Over the years, we have emerged as pioneers of ready-to-eat & ready-to-cook meals. In the last 14 years, we have seamlessly and effortlessly served our clients healthy and tasty meals. Sparked from innovation, our products deliver a complete package ensuring comfort, safety, convenience, health, taste, and affordability.


These nuggets of knowledge have resonated with our collective conscience. As ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meal pioneers, we have gained recognition over time. We have been serving our customers wholesome meals with ease and efficiency for the past 14 years. Our products, which are the result of innovation, provide a comprehensive solution that ensures comfort, safety, convenience, health, taste, and affordability.

In terms of food health and safety, all-out efforts are being made to raise the standards. We continue to promote retort-based food products that adhere to the highest requirements of stability and shelf life, leading initiatives that are unmatched.

Our team is working nonstop to improve the value of the entire food chain, from farm to fork. We really cherish and hold our dear farmers in the highest regard. In order to do this, Regal Kitchen Foods has achieved distinguished Fair Trade and Non-GMO certifications, guaranteeing that farmers continue to earn respectable living standards. We carefully select the best ingredients from across the world for our products. With seamless intervention and prompt communication, we hope to tackle issues that arise in the food chain.

As a ‘Made in India’ brand, Regal Kitchen Foods is staunchly supportive of our Hon’ble prime minister’s call to “Make for World”. To ensure the fruition of this, we have restructured and revamped our business infrastructure to ensure the development of premium quality, world-class, ready-to-eat food. In the end, we continue to look forward to serving our customers in the retail and food service segment. May we grow from strength to strength, steadfast and supreme. Jai Hind!

Regal Kitchen Foods, a “Made in India” company, firmly supports the Hon’ble prime minister’s call to “Make for the World.” We have reorganized and upgraded our company infrastructure to assure the development of premium quality, top-notch ready-to-eat food in order to ensure the fulfillment of this. In the end, we still eagerly anticipate providing for our clients in the retail and food service sectors. May we become stronger and stronger, unwavering and magnificent. Jai Hind!