Regal Kitchen Foods


Collaborate, Innovate and Feed


Being stalwarts of innovation, we at Regal Kitchen Foods use the most nuanced and scientific food technology. With this, we are able to weave magic into our recipes and bring to our customers delicious and authentic ready to eat meals, sauces and pasta. All our products conform to international standards of safety and hygiene. We develop our products using 100% natural ingredients without compromising on taste or quality. Our delicacies are fragrant, tasty and preservative-free. Each dish boasts an extended shelf life of 18-24 months. Through research and development, we continue to extend our prowess in producing scientifically engineered food at our state of the art manufacturing facilities. These units are extensively equipped with the latest filling, retort, x-ray and packing machines from Japan. Our products are sterilized at a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius thus ensuring the highest parameters of food hygiene and safety.